Industry & HMI

ONation is dedicated to developing industry display technologies, which is work smoothly within extreme and various environment. Long term and stable supply are crucial factors for industry market and customer need.
We provide wide range of displays and mainly focus on 2.8” to 32” sizes. Our products are successfully using in various applications such as HMI, KIOSK, POS, vending machine, testing meter, point-of-sale terminals and more.

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Human being is able to living older and will continue to do so for a longer period of time. How could we develop from current medical facilities to fulfil the future demand? ONation aspire to various approach to patient care across the hospital enterprise, improving and enhancing clinical performance in each department through a networked of intelligent platforms. Among every touch point through patient, from the imaging exam to the radiology reading room, to specialist consultations and treatment planning, to the surgical or interventional radiology suite, to education at the patient bedside, certified medical-grade displays will be combined with professional touch solution from ONation to secure patients, assist staff, and keep the operation executing smoothly.

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The maritime field faces critical environmental challenges. ONation can provide anti-salt spray treatment for LCD surfaces, driver boards with full-range dimming functions. Standard brightness as well as sunlight readability configurations are available(including sunglass visible solution). Using leading technology and professionally designed marine grade panels, it is very suitable for applications in docks, open decks, control rooms or bridges, such as marine navigation, fish finder or other products.

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In outdoor environment, not only it is difficult to read due to strong sunlight, but it is also affected by rain and ultraviolet rays.
Our high-brightness products and anti-UV solution deliver excellent legibility and visibility even in bright sunlight, which also reduce the risk of yellowing of images caused by UV rays.
In addition, ONation’s products are used in many outdoor areas such as postal pickup boxes, charging piles and automatic payment machines.

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